A great start to 2019 for ZSL Capital – refinance of a block of residential units in Bristol

3rd January 2019


2019 has got off to a flying start for ZSL Capital, a principal UK real estate lender, with the completion of a secured loan against a block of 17 apartments in Bristol City Centre.


The loan went towards the refinancing of a previous lender, as well as releasing additional working capital, allowing the borrower to complete the refurbishment of several unmodernised apartments within the block to maximise the value of the property for onward sale.


Daryl Thorpe, co-founder and principal of ZSL Capital, said: “This is a transaction that we have been keen on for some time, and we are extremely pleased to get over the line. We very much look forward to working with the borrower on this project and hopefully more to follow. A special mention to our legal representation led by Martin Blake of Farrer & Co, and to the broker Theo Kemp of Link Capital, who all worked tirelessly, along with the ZSL team to get this one completed. It certainly wasn’t without its challenges but we were able to overcome them”.